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17th-Sep-2014 04:29 pm - violentDESIRE ♡
dorky librarian
NOTE: Sorry everyone! I've put up an update before that I moved my blog, but to avoid having some people following me I decided to delete the post that specified my new url. Originally, I was going to leave this blog up, but I've decided now to slowly work my way up from my oldest entries to most recent and change them all to private/friends-only. I'll still be logging on this account to check friends' page so you can still add me on here, I just won't be blogging here anymore. Message me if you would like my new URL -- Sept 2011

Since it's hard to get to know a person quickly I thought I would introduce myself a bit so you know who's behind the user violentdesire :)

This journal is mainly public and I would like to keep it that way unless something makes me change my mind.
70% public
25% friends-only
5% private
Feel free to add me. However, I will not be friending back if your journal is empty unless you leave me a message so I know ^^;; I don't feel comfortable adding back random empty LJ accounts.

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7th-Apr-2010 08:35 pm - Ebay Sellers
dorky librarian
//edit -- I'm putting all entries to friends-lock now that I've moved my blogs URL but I wanted to keep this public to warn others about this seller. Wow, honestly.. the more I shop online the more dickheads I have to meet. I am just not having the best luck with sellers from the end of February. I won't be posting who the seller is until I know for sure the 8 weeks are over but this pisses me off to no end.

So I bought from this seller on ebay and in the description it says it can take up to 8 weeks(?) (can't remember max.. too lazy to check just for entry). When I read that I thought that that's pretty much impossible because I live right across the border. The seller is from the States. I honestly thought it was just for countries abroad because if they sent it by surface mail it can take a while. Taking 8 weeks from States to Canada = a big WTF.

Anyway, it's pretty much been like 5 weeks. I have never had to wait this long for a package from USA. The average time it takes for packages to arrive to me from anywhere (yes, this includes overseas) is about 10 days. When it's from USA it can be earlier, depending on seller's location. The longest time I've ever had to wait was about 3 weeks from an international seller but that included Chinese New Year time - that's when their postal offices are closed!!!

I e-mailed the seller to ask about my package.

No reply. So I was like okay, so they're not going to reply AND I haven't received my package. Time for a negative feedback because by now, it's too late for me to do a paypal claim. I did my negative feedback like last night.

This morning I received an e-mail from the seller. Surprise, surprise -rolls eyes-.

No communication?! Are you effing kidding me?! I waited for longer than a week for your effing reply!! I gave enough time for any sort of reply!! Frick, if they just e-mailed me telling me to rest assure that they did in fact send it and it should probably arrive soon I would've been a happy camper!!  That seriously pissed me the fuck off when, whoever this seller is, assumed that I never contacted them first and put their effing blame on me!! Hell no, I'm not taking that negative feedback off. Not until I have the package in my hands! Even then it'll be a neutral.

You want to know what would've kept me a happy costumer? If you replied when I sent my effing message!! But no. Instead they decided to contact me after the fact that I left them a negative feedback. The funny thing is, in my feedback I even put that the seller never replied to me when I left message. WTF!! I want to strangle them. At that point, they should've gotten their ass to their inbox to check and, at least, PRETEND to care and respond with some kind of bullshit! D: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -bangs head on desk-

- jiawen

/edit since it's been 10 weeks thought I'd put up the user --> deala2z
Btw, they sent me like another e-mail like a day or two after the one above. I think there's more than 1 person who checks the account because the second one had a nicer tone.. but still requested that I remove their negative feedback. Which isn't going to happen anyway since it's been 10 weeks and nothing has appeared from them. Right.. nice one.
2nd-Sep-2007 01:08 am - ViVi -- June 2007 (PART I)
dorky librarian
Finally, the ViVi scans :). I got lazy and didn't want to resize and edit all of them x_x.
Rules are like always. Credit violentdesire.livejournal.com if using elsewhere.
Features; Leah Dizon & Ayumi Hamasaki
Enjoyyy ~

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